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ATTENTION! The American, European and Taiwanese servers of Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble were officially shut down on May 31, 2018. The Japanese servers will continue to operate, and this Wiki will stay open from then on.
Thank you for your convenience.

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10/15/2017 Jap flag File:News update.png New Collaboration for 2nd Anniversary coming soon!
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10/13/2017 Eur flag File:News update.png Increased Awoken Yo-kai rate in the Lucky Crank-a-kai!
10/13/2017 US flag File:News update.png Trick or Treat Scramble Battle Event coming soon!
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10/12/2017 Eur flag News lucky Drop Rate UP for Hinozall and Awevil!
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10/09/2017 Eur flag File:News update.png The Yo-cake Scramble Battle will arrive in Europe soon!
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10/09/2017 Eur flag News lucky Drop Rate UP for Komajiro S and Hinozall!
10/09/2017 Mission icon chara News wikia Divine Paradise - 6F has arrived in Europe!
10/08/2017 Eur flag News lucky Komajiro A and Komajiro S arrives in the European Lucky Crank-a-kai.
10/08/2017 Mission icon chara News wikia Divine Paradise - 5F has arrived in Europe!

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